11 May

In August of last year, Sedona called to me.She encouraged me to bring people to her for the healing they needed.I knew it would be the perfect post-pandemic soul renewal.So, I moved from Minnesota to Arizona.  Over the past year, I have spent a great deal of time hiking, healing, and meditating in the Sedona Vortices.I feel an increase in my spiritual vibration as soon as I enter Sedona...The magnetic energy of the gorgeous red rocks aligns my soul.The stress, worry, and emotional pain I experienced over the past few years, gently flows out of me as I sit in meditation in the middle of Oak Creek.As I have explored the nuances of the area, I have become intimately familiar with the energy there but still react by calling out, "Thank you to God/Creator/Source!"  I can literally feel my heart fill up and overflow with gratitude.(psst...this is the energy to manifest in!)My evenings have been spent star gazing in solitude or with like minded friends...so I found a sweet spot where you could enjoy the same.Sedona is part of the International Dark Sky Community so it is especially dark.  Prepare for the best star gazing you have ever experienced.Moon bathe at night, or find community with like minded friends...the choice is yours....Sedona is now ready for you too!Sedona is known for its vortex energy and what is called "the Sedona effect."Imagine receiving powerful spiritual healing in Sedona to really amplify the impact of healing and manifesting!This is what my Level Up Sedona Retreats are all about.Each retreat will be a little different, based on who signs up and the level of privacy they prefer.I have located a sweet spot that can accommodate up to 28 people at one location.(It's really close to Bell Rock and amenities you will love!)Click here for more info: https://www.dianapalm.com/level-up-sedona-retreats Click here

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