10 Sep

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Manifesting Your Soulmate (this works!)  

Hi!  I'm Diana Palm, your Love Attraction Specialist.  I've helped thousands of individuals increase their Love Vibration and Manifest their Highest Potential Soulmate and now it's your turn.  

I wanted to share one of my professional tips with you so that you could begin shifting your Love Vibration and sending out the signal to manifest your soulmate right away!

What is YOUR Love Story?

One of the most profound questions I ask my clients is "What is YOUR Love Story?"  

What is the story that you tell your closest friends and repeat to yourself in your quiet and lonely moments?  

Many people feel "unlucky in love", and their story may go as far back as grade school.  They may tell me that their second grade boyfriend cheated on them with their best friend or that their high school boyfriend dumped them a week before prom.  They may go on to tell me that they fell in love in college but had their heart broken.  They married someone else, had a baby and then divorced.

They may even believe many false things about themselves because of their "story" such as they are not good at relationships, there is no one out there for them, or that they are meant to be alone.

Some people actually believe that they are not good enough to be loved or that there is something wrong with them.

(That's where I use my spiritual gifts to intuitively connect with and clear negative, self sabotaging beliefs!)

It is not uncommon for people to heap up their love disasters when asked about their LOVE Story.  No wonder so many people walk around feeling like they failed in love or that they are meant to be alone.  

I would like to help you shift the way you think about this right now.

Get out a pen and paper...light a candle and take a few moments to really think about this and write it down.  If you prefer, you can take a nice hot bath and really absorb the healing that will come from this shift.

I would like ask you the same question about your LOVE Story... and this time tell me about all the fabulous experiences you had, the sweet memories, the laughter, the intimacy, the friendship, the "firsts" and all your amazing adventures to discover who you are right now.  

By not jumping ahead to the doomed ENDING...you can enjoy more of the rich content that fed your soul. You can nurture your heart with the value of the experiences you had and redeem yourself for the time spent within these relationships.

The end is NOT YOUR STORY!  

It may be a part of it...but when we put all the emphasis on the ending, all we carry forward is rejection and self doubt.  

This simple but powerful exercise can really shift the way you think about your past relationships and this will enable you to raise your LOVE VIBRATION right now!

You weren't meant to end up with everyone you dated.  They were all practice to help you figure out what you valued most.

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I can't wait to help you fall in love!



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