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How to ATTRACT Your Highest Potential Soulmate FAST!

Do you know how to attract your highest potential soulmate FAST?

If you're looking for your special someone that you can build a really dynamic, loving and beautiful life with make sure you watch this video (below).   Stay to the end because I'm gonna share how I manifested my highest potential soulmate and I know this will work for you too!  

You don't want just anyone and you don't want to wait forever.   By the end of this video you're gonna know exactly how to manifest your highest potential soulmate.  For the best advice on manifesting your soulmate be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit that little bell so you get notified every single Thursday when I upload a new video.  (video below)

I've helped thousands of individuals increase their love vibration and manifest their highest potential soulmate and now it's your turn. 

The fastest way to attract your highest potential soulmate is to view all your previous relationships as a sort of shopping list.  Well, if you like to shop... I know I do.   Let me tell you what I mean by that.   You've already had quite a lot of experiences dating, flirting, meeting people, falling in love, having your heart broken, going through the whole ups and downs of being in relationship, being out of relationship, getting back in a relationship... and some of you may think that this is a disaster.   

Some of you may think that you're failing...and you're NOT failing. 

This process is helping you to actually become crystal clear on what it is that you desire and long for and want in your highest potential soulmate.  Your highest potential soulmate will be different than someone else's highest potential soulmate and I'm going to help you to get really crystal clear on how to draw this in so that you can stop practicing with all the other relationships and bring in your most ideal match

The first thing, I want you to get out a pen and paper.  

I want you to write down a list of all the qualities of loving experiences that you have had in your lifetime... that you can think of off the top of your head that really brought joy to you... that really made you feel loved or that really were those signals that said yes this is my person!  

Even if it ended up not being.  You can just blend them together in one long list.   It doesn't matter who brought you what. 

I just want you to focus on the positives.

So, if one of your partners really liked to hold your hand or he'd come by you in the kitchen and kiss the nape of your neck and you loved that, write that down on the list.  If you had a partner that really liked to spend the morning with you making breakfast before starting a busy day of work and that was something that you felt was really in alignment with you, you really enjoyed and valued that, write that down on the list well. 

You'll notice we did not talk about tall dark and handsome.   Now he can show up tall dark and handsome or she can show up looking like a bombshell.  It doesn't matter so much about the physical attributes as it does about the characteristics and the embodiment of the love that you have experienced.   Because when you get crystal-clear on the qualities of what you want to experience in relationship it will show up to you in different packages.   And from that point you can actually select the one that really feels most attractive to you.   

Often times people put that backwards and they're just looking for a certain type and hoping to sift through and find somebody of substance.  But if you do it the way that I'm teaching you right now you're gonna find that you have many different types to choose from but the qualities will all be the same and those are the valued qualities that your soul expresses in love that you find the most stable, beneficial and expansive in a loving partner.   

If you had a relationship with some in the past that was really body comfortable or really enjoyed just hanging out and was really confident in who they were... and you found that part of them attractive, then right that characteristic down.   If you had someone real spontaneous that would surprise you or enjoyed giving you gifts or taking you places, be sure to write that down.

These are exchanges of love.  These are love signals and love languages and qualities and expressions of love.   So having all these previous experiences has actually really created a formula for you to put together in attracting your most highest potential soulmate. 

Now if you haven't had very many relationships to draw on like this then it's okay to use your other types of relationships.  You can use the love expression that you've shared in friendships with family and even pets.  Write down the qualities about what things made you laugh, feel comfortable, loved, happy.  What activities were you doing?  Write those things down.

You'll be able to hone in and attract in a higher vibration of love by focusing in on these qualities from other relationships.

Now that you've written all that down and you essentially have a huge shopping list of all the qualities and attributes of love that you really enjoy the most (psst...make sure there's not one thing negative on that list!   Don't write he does this, she does that...don't write what you don't want.)  Do not have the word NOT and don't have any negative things on your list.  Be sure about this.   This is very important.  Make sure your whole list vibrates in love from all the different collective experiences of love expression that you've enjoyed and experienced in your life thus far. 

Now I want you to fold up that paper and on the outside of it, I want you just to write an affirmation that's positive coming from the present moment.  It could be something like this: 

"I feel so grateful for being with my highest potential soulmate and can't wait to wake up every morning to see what kind of adventure we're gonna create together."   

Comment down below what your biggest takeaway was when you reviewed that list of your love expressions.  What do you want more of?  Write it down in the comments below.

Now take that list, put it in an envelope and seal it closed.   You're not gonna look at this or worry about how it comes to you or even what attributes are on there.  You've already done your shopping.   It's just like ordering something online and waiting for it to be delivered by UPS or FedEx, so allow the universe to bring it to you.   Allow it to come to you in very creative ways.   You've already done your shopping and selected what it is you wanted to create and now you can just go about your life staying in the high vibration of love, enjoying yourself, doing things that make you happy so that you're staying in the highest potential energy for allowing that soulmate relationship to come in and connect with you. 

Every single time you think about manifesting your soulmate and having this love in your life I want you to smile and take a moment to actually just feel energized and feel your heart expand and feel the appreciation of having it.   And then hold that energy for as long as you can even if it's just a few seconds.   You can actually do this repetitively throughout the day and it'll really give you a dynamic boost to your Love Vibration.

When I attracted my highest potential soulmate, I had two pages of very detailed specific things that I wanted to experience more of in a relationship and he was 90% a match to everything.   It was incredible!   And now he's actually grown in to the other aspects of my manifestation quite naturally.   He hasn't read my list.   

So don't be off-put if somebody comes in at 80% or 90% some of these things you'll actually have fun growing with together.

Now you know exactly how to attract your highest potential soulmate fast! 

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Thanks so much everyone.   I can't wait to help you fall in love!

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