20 Jan

Are you ready for Love?  My number one goal is to help you heal your heart and release your painful past so that you can manifest the love you deserve.  I am Diana Palm, THE LOVE WITCH and I have helped thousands of individuals raise their love vibration and manifest their highest potential soulmate.  

One of the biggest issues I see is that people desire love but they keep attracting the same unfulfilling experiences in relationships.  It’s like a record that keeps skipping on the same song over and over.  Many of the people that come to work with me are so disappointed with relationships that they feel like giving up on love entirely. If this sounds like you, then you may have hidden programs that are creating this unhappy reality for you.  I call these hidden programs LOVE BLOCKS.  

LOVE BLOCKS are deeply ingrained beliefs that you inherited from your family, life story or group consciousness.  The good news is that LOVE BLOCKS can be released and this will immediately shift your experiences in love. When you reflect upon your personal heartbreak story, there is often a common theme. It’s as if every relationship ends the same way; through cheating, lying or abandonment.  Ultimately, you never truly get the love you desire and this may have tainted your view of relationships.  You may have even felt that you had to settle, give something up for love or compromise your value to keep a relationship. If you are familiar with these painful patterns, I want to help you shift into a higher version of love by showing you how you have unintentionally manifested these experiences in your life. 

Everything in the universe operates on the Law of Attraction.  When you have unhealed issues from your childhood, these issues create faulty beliefs around love.  You may be carrying feelings of being abandoned by one or both parents, or feeling unsafe because of toxic situations in your family.  This is just one way that your subconscious mind interprets the love energy around you and creates beliefs in an attempt protect you from future pain.  If you witness your father abandoning the family, your belief may be, “all men leave.”  This belief can be deeply lodged in your subconscious mind and literally become a “program” in your life, creating one situation after the next where all men leave.  As this pattern plays out, you witness it again and decide to withhold your love from men to prevent additional pain.  This is how LOVE BLOCKS are created.  

The beliefs may or may not be true, but to the little person who witnessed something painful in their family, they are true.  This is where your belief can easily turn into a “program” and create ongoing patterns in life.   

When an individual grows up, these hidden subconscious beliefs are still running in the background…and this is exactly where the Law of Attraction operates from.  This is why it has been so difficult to attract a faithful lover when you have seen or experienced a cheating family member.  No matter how hard you have tried to overcome this painful pattern, it seems to always be drawn back into your reality.  Once you acknowledge how you have been manifesting experiences in love based on your previous patterning you will be able to shift the way you feel about relationships and attract more fulfilling partnerships. 

One of the most effective ways to shift the energy in relationships is to take responsibility for the experiences you have had in love.  This may seem crazy when you truly feel that you are a victim to bad partners who cheat, lie or even abuse you.  So I want to be clear when I say there is no blame or fault involved with taking responsibility.  If you have been experiencing these painful patterns, you most likely have many faulty beliefs that literally “programmed” you to have these experiences.  Up until now, your efforts to change or do better may have failed because these subconscious programs override your efforts.  

The change is not outside of you, it is within.  It is not about finding a better mate, it is about clearing up your programs that have attracted the painful cycle of mates. Once you can see your painful pattern and where it initially came from, it is imperative that you learn the lesson from it.  Everything serves you in some way.  

So think about it…did all of these disappointments teach you something of value?  Did you learn how to have better discernment in relationships, how to trust your intuition, or how to love yourself enough to take your time in selecting a healthy partner?   When you retrieve the valuable lesson that your soul has been trying to learn through all these repeat experiences, you will have clarity on your relationships and be able to shift this pattern in your life.  Discovering the lesson will help you move forward from perceived failure.  

Taking responsibility is crucial to moving out of victim mentality, the need to settle, and the feeling of being stuck. You can change your experiences in love by healing and releasing your previous conditioning around love.  You can raise your love vibration by learning how to truly love and value yourself.  Doing this will help you attract a higher vibration of love to you (like a magnet!).  If you would like help with clearing your LOVE BLOCKS, I am available for private healing sessions.  Make sure to check out THE LOVE BOOK the secret to finding your soulmate on Amazon and my 6 week intuitive healing program Manifesting Your Soulmate System at www.dianapalm.com

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