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As a medium and someone who has worked directly with the spirit world my entire life, I have seen what happens and where a person goes when they die from suicide.   This is a very sensitive subject but it is one that cannot be kept quiet any longer.

Suicide deaths are skyrocketing and have reached epidemic levels in the USA as well as Worldwide.  The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that each year approximately one million people die from suicide and predicts continued escalation.  That means that you or someone you know may have already been affected by a suicide death of a love one.

Mental health professionals struggle to resolve this issue, often with prescription drugs that warn about side effects which may cause an increase in depression and the tendency for suicide.

I feel that the solution may be available through non-traditional channels of spiritual healing.  ThetaHealing® works on uncovering the deep issues that cause depression with an emphasis on releasing the energy of trauma and finding a new purpose in life.  Certified ThetaHealing® practitioners are available worldwide and sessions are as effective by phone as they are in person. 

It is always my first intention to provide healing for those affected by depression before a suicide death occurs.

When a high risk individual commits suicide, what happens?

Most people who commit suicide do NOT go to heaven. The problems that they were facing in life actually get much more intense when they pass.  Their souls are earthbound but even worse, remain in a heavy, dark space with a very low vibration, out of reach of their spiritual support team and guardian angels. 

I have learned that souls that have passed due to suicide are the most difficult to reach.

This difficulty is often related to the drugs and alcohol that accompanied their deaths, as well as extreme loss of hope, anger and despair.

God does not prevent these souls from entering heaven, rather their dilemma is brought on by the unsettled state of mind of the individual who passed.

Even though their family and loved ones pray for them, prayers are often not enough to help their spirit find the peace that they were looking for.

When a family has lost a loved one to suicide, it is very important that they reach out to a special type of medium and spiritual healer.  A Rescue Medium is someone with the special ability to see into the other realms and retrieve lost souls to cross them over.  Their expertise may lie in the area of clearing dark energy and may also include retrieval of soul fragments, removal of entities and demons, clearing family curses, repair to DNA, spiritual healing for trauma, elevating their spirit toward forgiveness and finally, sending their soul lovingly into the light. 

When an unhealed spirit crosses over, the entire family benefits spiritually from the healing.  They often report feeling peace in their heart with a renewed freedom and ability to move forward in their lives.  The heaviness they felt is lifted and their own suffering begins to heal. 

Without this spiritual healing, loved ones can be impacted by the suicide for most of their lives. The turmoil, trauma and tragedy leave a lasting imprint on those that knew and loved the deceased.  The surviving loved ones often feel overwhelmed with guilt and wonder what they could have done to prevent the death.  These emotions can hold them captive for most of their life if they are not healed.

If you are suffering from depression or thoughts of suicide, or you have a loved one who is, please reach out for help. 

If you have a loved one who passed due to suicide and desire a healing for their soul, and a healing for yourself and family, we can do this through a private phone session.

I also offer a 9 week grief healing program for those of you who really need spiritual support as you heal your grief, rebuild your emotional system and create a new life path.

Most importantly, I want you to know that there is help available.  Suicide is not a solution.  Suicide can create eternal problems for yourself and love ones.  Don’t allow this to happen.  Please reach out for the help you deserve.  There is hope and there is help.

With love,

Diana Palm

Author of Setting Spirits Free and Mediumship Scrying and Transfiguration for Beginners

YouTube Channel to answer your questions about the spirit world: https://www.youtube.com/DianaPalm


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