20 Jan

In 2006 I began my journey with ThetaHealing(R) and it changed my life.  At first, I was happy to gain access to my inner world and used it to connect with loved ones in spirit and accelerate my intuitive gifts with clarity.  As I began to clear subconscious beliefs on all 4 levels, my life significantly changed.  Not only was I able to heal myself but I became aware of why I had created such turmoil, drama (at times chaos) and illness.  When I discovered that we truly create our reality based on the way we are programmed, I got serious about changing my programs!  I have experienced countless miracles within myself, my family, relationships and with my clients.  ThetaHealing(R) gave me the tools to access and change beliefs with compassion and love.  I absolutely love teaching the certification courses on ThetaHealing(R) so that other people can access this clarity and change for themselves and their loved ones.  I see people grow as individuals every day by changing their dis-empowering beliefs.  Patterns change, resentments are released and lives change.  I continue to use this technique on myself as I create the best version of me and the life I want to live.  If you are interested in seeing how you can change things for yourself or you would like to learn the technique, check out my website for upcoming classes.  

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