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Post-Pandemic Soul Renewal
  •  05/11/2022 04:32 PM

Come renew your soul in my Level Up Post-Pandemic Retreat in Sedona!

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How to Remove LOVE BLOCKS and Manifest Your Soulmate
  •  01/20/2021 02:31 PM

Are you ready to heal your painful past and manifest your soulmate?

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Manifesting Your Soulmate is EASY!
  •  09/10/2020 06:04 PM

Manifesting Your Soulmate is easy when you know what to do. Learn how to heal your heart and raise your LOVE VIBRATION in 3 easy steps. Download your free PDF guide.

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Never Feel Negative Again!
  •  09/10/2020 05:55 PM

10 TIPS TO FEEL AMAZING NOW! Never Feel Negative Again (FREE Guide)

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Top 10 Afterlife Signs & Symbols
  •  09/10/2020 05:43 PM

Top 10 Signs & Symbols from the Afterlife! Find out if your deceased loved one is trying to contact you.

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Manifesting Your Soulmate (This Works!)
  •  09/10/2020 05:24 PM

Use this simple technique to help you Manifest Your Soulmate (it works!

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  •  07/03/2019 06:08 PM

PET VISITS AFTER DEATH One of my video's on YouTube is getting lots of traction, which means that it is being viewed by thousands of people...and they are really finding it helpful. I am so happy because helping people to heal grief, educating them about the spirit world and working with them to create the life of their dreams is what I am all about!

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Do Suicides Go To Heaven?
  •  06/15/2019 09:10 AM

As a medium and someone who has worked directly with the spirit world my entire life, I have seen what happens and where a person goes when they die from suicide. This is a very sensitive subject but it is one that cannot be kept quiet any longer

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Portals: Openings for Spirits to Go Home
  •  03/17/2018 02:50 PM

Portals are a natural phenomenon occurring in nature and are considered a doorway or a gate. Some believe that portals connect two worlds, dimensions or times. The first time I experienced a portal was in 1997 when I was hiking in Sedona Arizona. When I unintentionally stepped into the portal, everything around me shifted. I could still see my surroundings but there was a sense of walking in slow motion and absolute silence. The trees in front of me seemed to have motion as if they were surrounded by heat waves and my hiking partner was no longer there. I experienced a peek in my own awareness with crystal clarity and knew that I had somehow stepped into another reality. And just like that, about 10 steps later, I emerged and everything returned to normal. I could hear the leaves and twigs snap under my feet, the air was filled with birds singing and my hiking partner was walking behind me again. (Read more by clicking on the link)

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Soul Power Workshop
  •  01/20/2018 09:00 AM

Unlock Your Power. A Culture of Enlightenment. Awakening to Wisdom and Truth. Are you ready to unlock the incredible power of your soul? Are you ready to break through all beliefs, emotions and thoughts so thatyou can live life? In this 2 day course, you will learn to remember who you are and how to embody the power that lies silent within you. Engage your passion, make decisions and create the life you have always known you deserve. You will create a plan for your life, career, finances, health and relationships that align with your soul.

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Getting Started with Essential Oils
  •  01/20/2018 08:59 AM

I have been using essential oils for most of my life and love finding new purposes for them to aid in healing. Essential oils have an effect on the physical, emotional and spiritual body by raising your frequency to support balance and healing. There are many brands of essential oils but only a few pure enough that they can be taken internally. My personal favorite is doTerra but do your own research.

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Changing Lives
  •  01/20/2018 01:20 AM

One of my favorite things about helping people change their beliefs is watching their lives change for the better. I know how powerful this is because I have applied it my own life by taking intensive classes, deep honest looks within , clearing old patterns (some of which were generated in my ancestry) and becoming a better version myself. More authentic and more healed.

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