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It's That Soul Healing Feeling


  • 01/20/2018 09:00 AM

Unlock Your Power. A Culture of Enlightenment. Awakening to Wisdom and Truth. Are you ready to unlock the incredible power of your soul? Are you ready to break through all beliefs, emotions and thoughts so thatyou can live life? In this 2 day course, you will learn to remember who you are and how to embody the power that lies silent within you. Engage your passion, make decisions and create the life you have always known you deserve. You will create a plan for your life, career, finances, health and relationships that align with your soul.

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  • 01/20/2018 08:59 AM

I have been using essential oils for most of my life and love finding new purposes for them to aid in healing. Essential oils have an effect on the physical, emotional and spiritual body by raising your frequency to support balance and healing. There are many brands of essential oils but only a few pure enough that they can be taken internally. My personal favorite is doTerra but do your own research.

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  • 01/20/2018 01:20 AM

One of my favorite things about helping people change their beliefs is watching their lives change for the better. I know how powerful this is because I have applied it my own life by taking intensive classes, deep honest looks within , clearing old patterns (some of which were generated in my ancestry) and becoming a better version myself. More authentic and more healed.

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  • 12/15/2017 01:01 AM

If you haven’t heard of psychic cords but are on a spiritual path, it’s a good idea to know what they are, why they matter and how they’re relevant to our journey. First of all, what are they and how do you know whether you have a psychic cords connection with someone or not? Have you ever been so engaged in a conversation with a loved one that long after the initial conversation ended, your thoughts and concerns were still wrapped up in their issues? It can almost feel as though the conversation hasn’t ended because it is on constant replay in your mind. This is how most people feel the effect of etheric or psychic cords. Psychic cords connect you to people you care about, including family, friends, lovers and pets. They help transmit the exchange of energy, thoughts and feelings. In a healthy connection, the cord will transmit love and telepathic information back and forth which makes you feel a deeper sense of connection. However, not all psychic cords are created out of healthy loving relationships. There are times in your life with some people you’ve had relationships with, where you may want to severe that cord.

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I am a medium and spiritual healer who is dedicated to continued personal growth, exploration and enjoyment in life.  The whole point in healing is to enjoy a clear and happy existence that expands outward without limits.  Belief work will help you shift your entire life by healing the past, the way you viewed it and create a new empowered way of thinking that simply frees your mind.  I am plugged in with the spirit world and have some amazing helpers to guide my work with you.  Most importantly, I connect with Creator so that we can make rapid, loving and authentic changes based on forgiveness, truth and accountability.  I can see things that others can't so that helps me to clear energies that may have prevented you from accessing the healing you desired.  When my life benefits from something, I will share it here with the intention that someone else will benefit too.   
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